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Our Statement of Faith

Discipleship Method: "From the Seed to the Harvest." 

This statement encapsulates the idea that as a new believer first receives the gospel (seed), he or she must be cultivated by other believers (discipleship) until that person has become a mature believer (harvest). First Baptist Church of Saluda has adopted this process because we believe this fulfills the last part of the Great Commission; to teach them to obey all He commanded. The process is a four-step process which includes learner > learner/teacher > mentor > minister.


Four Spiritual Elements: Discipleship, Fellowship, the Breaking of Bread (Gospel), and Prayer

Acts 2:42 describes these four elements as the building blocks of the Early Church. The disciples devoted themselves to these four things and as a result, they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to minister, worship, and witness. We have come to the conclusion that these four elements are still the foundational elements for any church to be filled (empowered) with the Holy Spirit.


Simplicity: Keeping the Focus the Focus

In these modern times, we have heard many promises that technology will simplify our lives. In reality, the opposite has been true. As our lives have become more complex, there seems to be less time to focus on the important. This is also true for the church. The more activities that are scheduled, the less time and energy we will have to focus on our mission. We are now in the process of simplification. This simply means that we will only involve ourselves in the things to which God has called us specifically. There are many good things that call out to us, but in order to accomplish our mission, we will have to say "no" to many of these things.

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